Preparing for Spring…harmony in the garden with vermiculture! (worm tea anyone?)

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A supremely well written piece about life and meeting change


Eclipse Anular

Somewhere in my mid-30’s I remember  being continually exhausted , balancing a very busy life and not being particularly mindful of my choices. I don’t think there was any particular life crisis, but I was always running with family matters. I also went back to school while attempting to define myself with new personal career goals, and at the same time was involved in more committee work and  civic engagement than I would now deem reasonable.  My daughter, my first of two children, was born when I was 21, and I could foresee that as my children were gaining on high school it was now my time to figure out what I wanted.

One of my most memorable moments of that time, believe it or not, was reading M. Scott Pecks’s The Road Less Traveled. I opened the book and read the first line, “Life is difficult.” I honestly…

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Welcome! It’s so great to have you find your way here! I just know I will love you!

I’m Lori Robin Wilson – Stamina Nana.

My page is truly in its infancy stages.  Spent most of 2011 just FEELING and THINKING, which in case you haven’t tried it – is EXHAUSTING, underpaid work.

What I want to have is STAMINA!  Enough energy to see a project through to completion, whether it’s making homemade vegan, gluten-free pasta to feed my husband and I, or changing a step-grandchild’s diaper…I want to be enough to rise to every challenge with humor and creativity.  And I expect to have that.

I made a lot of progress and now I am VERY excited about 2012.  Are you?

So welcome.  Leave comments.  Join in. I am open to YOUR ideas and want to feel YOUR energy.  We are all one world.

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