After much research and financial wrangling of funds, we made the huge decision to buy a solar generator and solar panels for our upcoming cross country camping trip! This was a BIG move.

REI became our partner in crime when we received their catalog with coupons on the front announcing their annual member sale. I eagerly peeled off the coupon and read the tiny print that tells you what is NOT included in the 20% off one item sale.

Having looked for weeks and weeks at this YETI Goal Zero unit, watched YouTube videos of people who owned one and price compared our little hearts out, we actually visited REI twice to see what it looked like in person.

Sale day has arrived!! OMG! We felt so happy! Plus as we were buying the solar panels I suggested that John get his OWN individual REI membership and then he did so we also saved 20% off the collapsible briefcase solar panel duo saving ANOTHER $60!

Of course we have to wait a week for them to come to the store and then drive down and pick everything up…..but so so exciting.

We did go home with two sleeping bag pads and two camp chairs, all of which were 30% OFF due to their sale! And these were the same sleeping mattresses we couldn’t find in stock last week at all! OMG! Lucky lucky day!

So now we plan to do a test run in the HOH rainforest next week here on the Olympic Peninsula! We will see how things go with our first try with the dog and the new camp truck tent! Keep looking for updates

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Preparing for Spring…harmony in the garden with vermiculture! (worm tea anyone?)

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A supremely well written piece about life and meeting change


Eclipse Anular

Somewhere in my mid-30’s I remember  being continually exhausted , balancing a very busy life and not being particularly mindful of my choices. I don’t think there was any particular life crisis, but I was always running with family matters. I also went back to school while attempting to define myself with new personal career goals, and at the same time was involved in more committee work and  civic engagement than I would now deem reasonable.  My daughter, my first of two children, was born when I was 21, and I could foresee that as my children were gaining on high school it was now my time to figure out what I wanted.

One of my most memorable moments of that time, believe it or not, was reading M. Scott Pecks’s The Road Less Traveled. I opened the book and read the first line, “Life is difficult.” I honestly…

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Welcome! It’s so great to have you find your way here! I just know I will love you!

I’m Lori Robin Wilson – Stamina Nana.

My page is truly in its infancy stages.  Spent most of 2011 just FEELING and THINKING, which in case you haven’t tried it – is EXHAUSTING, underpaid work.

What I want to have is STAMINA!  Enough energy to see a project through to completion, whether it’s making homemade vegan, gluten-free pasta to feed my husband and I, or changing a step-grandchild’s diaper…I want to be enough to rise to every challenge with humor and creativity.  And I expect to have that.

I made a lot of progress and now I am VERY excited about 2012.  Are you?

So welcome.  Leave comments.  Join in. I am open to YOUR ideas and want to feel YOUR energy.  We are all one world.

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